TCT Remixes + JM tape + more


A few things below.

Noods takeover

In November I was pleased to be asked to program a day of radio on Noods. I requested mixes from Vanessa, gil_gul (aka Genghis Cohn), Alfredo92, Alexander Taber, KST and What Comes to Mind. They delivered the goods and all the mixes are on the Noods site, I also stuck them all here so that they all live on one page - handy!

James Marrs - 'JM2020' [LLI010]

I admit I'm a bit uncomfortable releasing 2 tapes of my own music in what seems like a short time but fuck it - it's my label! The artwork is by Ju Canon and the release text is by Natalia Panzer. If you're wanting to pay for the digital then feel free to instead make a donation here (more info below) and mail me a receipt, I'll then send you a Bandcamp code.

Tara Clerkin Trio - 'Retro Cranial Kit' [LLI011]

The band and a few friends have remixed tracks from the Tara Clerkin Trio album. Check them out here, all proceeds split between Caring in Bristol and FairShare South West.

Charity run

Lastly, shoe-horning this in. Me and Simon (of LLI008 A1 infamy) are running the Bath half marathon in September in support of Mind in Bath. If you wana donate here then that would be  much appreciated!

Looking forward to getting more releases out this year and I hope there'll be opportunities to get together and listen to some loud music with some of you at some point.

All the best